Services we Provide


Hone Landscape Company provides new landscape installation as well as landscape renovations.

We do a lot of projects that involve renovating and transforming landscapes for people who have just moved into a home and want to make it their own. Others are simply deciding to update their property to make it more usable or enjoyable. We also do full install projects for people who have just built their home.


Crews at the Hone Landscape Company have extensive experience in professional installation of pavers. The low maintenance, beautiful looks and structural stability make them an ideal candidate for:


Block walls are a specialty of ours here at the Hone Landscape Company. We construct dozens of block walls annually ranging from garden walls to thoroughly engineered structural walls. Block walls can serve numerous purposes such as:


Hone Landscape Company provides concrete installation services. Your choice of broom finish, exposed aggregate or a variety of stamped concrete options. We offer concrete for:


Living in the Pacific Northwest means that drainage is a very common consideration. Something that sets us apart from most landscaping companies is that Hone’s foreman and crews have extensive experience with drainage solutions. We install drainage systems that fix a soggy yard to systems that drain buildings and parking lots.


Hone Landscape Company provides a variety of construction impact mitigation services, also known as environmental impact mitigation. Our services provide environmental restoration and/or amendment to reduce the severity of environmental impacts to land, water, air, noise issues, and more. Our project areas include construction impact mitigation, ecological services, and environmental restoration in: